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Discovery Session


What is a discovery session?

A discovery session is a powerful way to start your coaching    journey with a deep dive opportunity to learn about the power of coaching, the opportunity to see how coaching can help you transition into the life you want.

  • Do you find yourself procrastinating? Instead of acting towards the life you want?

  • ​​Do you find yourself buying online courses, but struggling to take the action necessary to change your life?

  • Do you feel like you have a lot of potential, but do not know how to bring it out?

  • ​​Do you see other people make the choices you want to make and make lifestyle changes that you want to make butevery time you try to make the same changes you  struggle?

  • ​​Do you struggle to overcome your childhood trauma, and the voice in your head that keeps telling you are notgood enough?

  • ​​Do you find yourself from one abusive relationship to the other and do not know how to change that?

  • ​​Do you want to change your parenting approach to a more peaceful one and adopt a more calming approach inparenting?

  • ​​Do you struggle to apply the same advice you would give to others?

  • ​​Do you feel stuck in life, with no direction, or a feeling of purpose?

  • ​​Do you feel unfulfilled and dread every week, feeling like something is missing?

  • ​​Do you feel like you are just existing rather than truly living?

If that is you, Then it is time to take action. Book a discovery call with me today so that we can discuss this further.

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