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Consistency is key when it comes to your fitness goals

Many people start off the year wanting to lose weight, last year that was me but I didn't start seriously working out till the end of May 2021 ,to be honest I couldn't do all the work out I needed to do but I didn't let that bother me, I kept doing what I could, thankfully I had a trainer who was patient and kept me going even in the toughest days,I know some people lose more than two stones in a year,and my weightloss was slow in comparison, but I was and still not in competition with anyone.

It's me vs me, since the beginning of this year I have seen consistent weight loss and that's by applying what took me a whole year to learn.

Also it takes time for your body to get strong enough to go through all the work out.

It also takes time to develop the right mindset that keeps you going even when it's very difficult to work out.

The key is to have becoming healthier as your priority, work out as earliest as you can during the day if you struggle to do things later during the day.

And push yourself to work out even when you absolutely don't feel like working out,strength always comes when you are in the middle of your workout.

Alternatively you can switch to a less demanding work out that is equally effective but more enjoyable but this is only when you are really struggling, otherwise stay consistent and committed to do the work out that you have on your fitness plan

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