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Gladys Hill's Detoxifying Super Green Smoothie

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Greetings Friends as promised I will be shared my weight loss journey with you and tips that I have found helpful.

Meal replacement have help me stay on track, I have found new ways to take in nutrition that help me get rid of cravings.

I have smoothies for breakfast on days when I want to stay on track, they are quick to make which saves me time ,I also add different fruits I may have in my fridge reducing wastage.

To make Gladys Hill Super Green Smoothie you need

  • A handful of baby spinach

  • Half a mango

  • 1 Medium banana

  • Medium slice of pineapple

  • Table spoon of flaxseeds

  • Tea spoon of hemp protein powder

  • Tea spoon of organic spirulina powder

  • Half a cup almond milk and a handful of ice (optional)


  1. Make sure the mangoes you use are in season and ripe properly to avoid stomach ache, most in season mangoes are found in markets.

  2. Hemp and spirulina powder are available in most health shops online and offline

  3. make home made almond milk, let

me know if you would like me to include how to make Almond milk on the next blog

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