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How many of you mums want to transform their body before summer 2024?

It's February, and you have struggled to keep the resolution to lose some weight, or you went to the gym on January 1st only to put on the weight again☹️

In our program we not only give you a tailored plan to fit around your lifestyle to lose the weight but also tools to keep it off for good by improving your relationship with food and dealing with beliefs that keep you from reaching your full potential

What you’ll get:

A free guide to overcoming emotional eating

A flexible program that can fit around your life so you can form habits to lose weight and keep it off

1-2-1 Accountability with me as a coach chance to connect with group of other mums like yourself

Doing exercises that you can enjoy doing at your pace

Unlimited support, knowledge, and guidance from me as a coach who is also a single mum who lost 40kg

Are you ready for your transformation? Don't miss this opportunity. Grab your 90 day Program here

Love Gladys x

Chi 90 days programme

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