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We are the resistance!!

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

I hope you are all well and strong,I am well and strong

One of the most powerful thing I have learnt in my self development journey has been the power of language

How we see and describe ourselves matters alot,it's more important than how others see and describe us

This takes me to what is currently happening,we are being described by the media as selfish and anti-vaxxers,but what truly matter is how we see ourselves and describe ourselves

What is the truth and the reality?

We are the resistance

We are the control group

We are the light

We are the true heros

We are love

We are human

We are awake

We are warriors And finally we are powerful !

This is why we are attacked in the media ,this is why we are censored ,this is why we are silenced and gas lighted,we are many and they know it.They know their time is up, they can no longer hold humanity in chains .

The world's frequency is changing and the cycles is just about to end,we are entering a new era, where humanity can remodel what it means to be human.

Where humanity can chose love over fear ,where humanity can chose to be free or a slave to the system

We decide not them, this is a big test, is humanity going to unite and take back their power?

I think we will ,only if we learn fast, unite and each and every one of us do their part , Its not going to be easy but we can do this,we just need to say No!!


What you can do right now to support this movement

Here’s what you can do for now:

  1. Stand up for those being persecuted they are your brothers and sisters

  2. Empower yourself,reconstruct your belief system and program yourself,others have programmed you so far now its time for you to take up that responsibility (change will come when we all acquire a more empowered outlook)

  3. Assist in what you can,offer your skills ,volunteer or financially give to the movement

  4. Offer a job to those losing jobs due to the mandates if you can

  5. Raise your vibration stay strong and be proactive,try not get distracted by what the controllers are doing

  6. Join your local protest in world wide protest on the 20th of November (connect with like minded

  7. Finally look after your health,take on that responsibility

The resistance photo of the week

Danny Presti (Instagram Danny.Presti )

danny.presti on his Instagram post said

"Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves to see if the current world we're living in is indeed reality. Can't help but to think how surreal it all feels when seeing pictures like this, even when the person is me. Unfortunately the nightmare continues, but I assure you we are making change, and for the better.

A promise I make to everyone is whether it's a garbage truck, a tank, or a tyrant standing in front of us, I will never back down. I'm willing to sacrifice it all, everything, to protect my children. Stand with me and I promise you we can't lose.

Some clarification as to what occurred and why, I'll fill everyone in quick.

Department of Sanitation (DSNY) placed those not jabbed on Leave without Pay as of Monday morning. That morning as I was dropping my son off at school, I got wind of the Sanitation workers who just got off of work and were told they were on leave, were blocking their garage's trucks when they got off. I rushed over.

These brave men took a stand and then even went as far as to block their own trucks and when I got there and spoke to them, I promised them I would rally the community behind them. They had been taking a stand for almost 2 weeks here in Staten Island and I wasn't going to let them fight alone. John and I spoke briefly and decided to rally the troops, because that's what was needed.

If I have to go back everyday because that's what those brave men and women of DSNY need, then so be it. I'll be there everyday. Stand united and there is nothing they can do to stop us."

Freedom Over Fear.

Photo Cred: @not_alex_kent_

Photo Source

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Resistance Video if the week

Eric Adams Confronted by Anti-mandate Protesters in NYC

November 3 2021 Brooklyn, New York - A group of anti-mandate activists confronted newly elect Mayor Eric Adams on the steps of his Brooklyn office.

They got in his face and talked at him as he walked across the street into the building, he soon after came back out to speak to the crowd, as they densely surrounded him.

The rally originally started at City Hall at 1pm yesterday and marched across Brooklyn Bridge


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