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Limiting Beliefs

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Some people believe they are not brave or courageous yet what they have gone through proves they are.

The problem is some people are so used to putting themselves down and don't want to say positive things about themselves because they are so used to other people saying negative things about them and that's the tape recorder they play over and over in their head.

This leads to them living a disempowered life and prevent them from taking actions that prove to them that they are not what other people say they are.They avoid any action that contradict their beliefs .Having beliefs about one self automatically leads us to defending them and filtering out any information that contradicts our strong held beliefs.

That's why it's important to check on ourselves and analyse what we belive about ourselves,when you are not aware of your strongly held beliefs, its impossible to change ,it all start with knowing what they are and then taking definitive and intentional actions to change those beliefs.

Want to learn more on how you can change your limiting beliefs ,Book a free 45 minutes discovery session with me .

The problem comes in when you also believe that beliefs can't be changed,and that's a major hindrance to change.For you to make permanent changes you have to change what you believe about that which you struggle with,it could be weightloss, public speaking or changing your career.

Success it determined by how much you are willing to let go of beliefs that don't empower you or help you be the person you envision you can be.

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