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The secret of freedom is courage

I know you are tired of sharing truth only to get a stick while those who spread lies get the carrot.

I know your heart aches for humanity and the uncertain future we all face.

I know you have seen the injuries and the deaths..........

I know you are worried about the children, innocent children who trust that their parents would protect them from harm.

I know you face a Christmas separated from those you thought loved you and could never allow anything come between you.

I see the betrayal you have faced these two years, betrayal of trust ,betrayal of love and constant gaslighting fuelled by the media. 2020 and 2021 have shaped who you are today,it's ok to change ,it's ok to move on but whatever you do don't allow them to harden your heart.

Remain loving and caring even if you don’t get that back, wish those who call you names and persecute you for not following the majority well.

When your loved ones get back to their senses be ready to embrace them,be ready to forgive them for they know not what they are doing and how much it hurt you.

You may have not travelled abroad for the last two years, you may not have the same relationship you had with your family before all this started but stay strong, things can change very fast for the better !!

Stay in the fight.

Take each day at a time.

Be ready to do what you are ment to do in this reality we are in, be ready to manifest the life your truly deserve for nothing lasts forever.

Be ready to start new friendships with like minded souls who have proven to be unshakeable and loyal to our quest for freedom;some of them will become your family,some of them will become the best thing that have ever happened to you,so move on,cultivate positivity and nurture the new friendships and relationship that are coming.

Decide now that no matter what happens you will be ok, remember most fear we encounter is all in our heads, you are powerful, you are a spiritual being having a human experience and never forget it. You are full of love for humanity and the beautiful creation around us, you value peace and freedom.

You are attracted to light and the good in this realm.

You came here to leave this place a better place, your legacy will live on for generations, for you are fighting a historical battle.

You never know how far we have left to go,so live in the moment but don't forget to reimagine your life path, you don't have to be who they told you you should be.

Look within and you will discover untapped talents and passion, have a new dream, have a new path, and remember to have fun while doing it, for life is too short to live a half baked life.

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