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Want to Achieve success in 2022?

Here are some tips to help you make this year a success

  • Have an a accountability partner

  • Positive thoughts

  • Keep your vibration high

  • Focus on what need to be done first

  • Complete tasks

  • Be surrounded by Positive people who wish you well

  • Track your progress

  • Change your mindset

  • Be fearless

The reason why most people don't achieve their goals and inspiration is because they don't change the programming they have first before attempting to change their lives. we form most of our believe during childhood, and if our programming (the tape recorder that plays in your mind all the time) also referred to your your subconscious mind; tells you you are not good enough that will become your life, you will act like it . You can tell when people believe they are not good enough by their lack of confidence and they worry too much about what other people think about them.

Beliefs are very important, if you have the wrong beliefs about achieving a certain goal you will not achieve that goal, or you might temporarily achieve it but the change would last, the key to achieving permanent changes is to change your belief and mindset.

Also have an accountability partner to keep you accountable, alternatively find like minded groups of people to help keep you in INSPIRED.

Also know that you are influenced by those you are closest too, its important to have the right people around you who support your goals and INSPIRE you. As they say misery loves company so be with people who want you to do well.

So how do you change your mindset and beliefs?

we change our mindset through understanding what is hindering our growth then repeating good habits over and over again until they become our default habits.

Everything starts in the mind, when your mind have clarity your life will have clarity. One technique you can use is to meditate before you do anything else in the morning also do your affirmations everyday.

Plant good thoughts and your life will start to transform, majority of people have been programmed to live a disempowered life, life that will help those in control continue controlling their lives, they control the financial system and every other system in the matrix, so for you to change your life you have to get rid of the programming they gave you and start programming your own life, start acquiring empowered believe, be more positive and feed your mind with beautiful things.

We program ourselves through repetition and changing our thoughts, just like a garden, whatever we plant in our mind grows, we have to cultivate positive empowering beliefs and thoughts if we want to see permanent long lasting changes

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