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You chose to be here during this great awakening event!!

You chose to be here during this awakening event, you chose to wake up to the truth ,you chose light over darkness, freedom over conformity and chose to stand up for the children and the most oppressed in the society.

Your light shine too bright, that those who chose darkness lies and propaganda are threatened, for you put up a mirror in front of them, remember words can do you no harm unless you let them, never let anyone stay in your mind rent free.

Do what you came here to do and let the challenges you face empower you and inspire you to do more for the good of humanity.

You don’t think in short term.. you think about the future, they call you selfish yet you have given more to humanity more than they ever will.

It may not feel significant to you but trust me every thing you have done during this 2 years to help awaken the masses is greatly appreciated.

Those protests you attended that felt like they didn’t change anything, those social media posts that never received any acknowledgement, those posts you forwarded to your loved ones to warn then of what was coming, those days when you made silent prayers for humanity to be free, and those days you went to the roundabout protests in the cold and rain only to receive insults and cursed by the same people you are trying to inform and warn.

Stay in the fight no matter where that leads ,you are not alone ...we are many and we will be there for each other when the masses and the system turn their backs on us.

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