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I remember there was a time I thought I will feel broken for the rest of my life and there was no way out, thought there was no way I could change my situation and every effort that I made to get better was not working.

You see I have done most of what the society expects of me but I had never done what I really wanted to do. Most people think they can be happy doing things that are not aligned with who they are or what their gut tell them and past experiences have equipped them to do.

Knowing your purpose and the direction you should follow doesn't come overnight, it start with you understanding who you are and why you act the way you do, understanding why you allow toxic people and toxic situations in your life.

Understanding that self love is key ,because if you love yourself you will not do anything that will harm your destiny, you will also treat yourself with love, kindness and dignity.

All this doesn't happen overnight, but step by step, you start conditioning your mind to love what you see in the mirror.

You do the inner work that needs to be done before you can achieve that dream that you have.

When I speak of inner work I mean looking on the inside for solutions rather than outside of you, looking at your past and making peace with it, understanding that the perceptions and conclusion that you made in childhood were wrong and now looking at them as an adult and understanding the situation through an adult’s eye.

Also it means to stop blaming others and taking responsibility for your life and the outcome.

Most people try and treat symptoms rather than the root cause of their problems. To truly change your life you have to dig deeper to the root causes and work yourself up.

Start rebuilding your life brick by brick from the ground up. It all start by you believing that its possible.

Do your resonate with the above, jump on call 📞 with me to see how I can help you turn your potential into actionable steps that will lead to big wins 🏆 this year

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